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Milwaukee's Haunted Bar






Haunted Penthouse Stayover

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Milwaukee's Haunted Bar Stayover

Our very Haunted Penthouse
Sleep in a Dead Hooker’s Bed in the Vermilion Room above Shakers Speakeasy in Milwaukee.
We double dog dare you to make it through the night!

A Spiritual Awakening Ghost Adventure For the Spiritual Adventurer
Experience the vestigial rhythm of the Victorian Era
With a stay over in our haunted Penthouse
– a former Capone Brothers Prohibition Era Brothel –
The scene of the brutal hacking murder & dismemberment of an ill-fated bordello girl.

FAQ/ Fine print:
Q: Is it really haunted?
A: Yes, This is a genuinely haunted Attraction, and is intended for mature audiences only. Although there have been numerous sightings/ experiences of spirits at this location, there is no guarantee you will experience any paranormal activity yourself, as the spirits have their own sense of timing.

Q: Can I stay here as a hotel room, while in Milwaukee?
A: This is not a hotel room, your stay is at your own risk as this is a journey into paranormal investigations and discovery and you likely would not sleep well.

Q: How many can stay in this large space?
A: This experience is intended for two (2) adults, no more or it becomes a party and we charge you!

Q: What happens if I get scarred and who is responsible?
A: In the event of paranormal Emergency or Spiritual inhabitation; RUN! screaming into the night.
Any resulting injuries, (either psychic or physical), or death, (due to any causes) are wholly and incontrovertibly, at your own risk & responsibility.
Neither management, nor staff, is in any way responsible for your safety.

Q: Can I bring my dog, 'cuz we're really close
A: This is covered in the Whoring 20's Tour…No pets allowed, nor welcome.

Q: What if I think I'm a rock star and smash stuff?
A: Then you've got to pay like a rock star. Prepare for it, You may be charged for any damages, missing objects, and a cleaning fee.

Q: If we cannot check in until after the last tour, when must we check out?
A: Check-out is by 11:00 AM, or you will be assessed $250.00

Q: What if I'm an enterprising young lady who would like to entertain a favorite client in your Brothel?
A: That's Former Brothel…..However, then he may as well pop for a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne at Shakers and some Absinthe as well as for the pied a terre. Cheers!


You, the undersigned, agree to and understand the serious nature of the undertaking You are about to embark upon.

You agree to hold-harmless the management, staff and owners of Shakersmilwaukee, Inc. as well as the property at 422-424 South Second Street, dba/ Shakers Cigar Bar, dba/ Hangman Tours, LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin for any injuries, damage, harm, death or psychic calamity which may occur during, or after my attempted Stay-over in the extremely Haunted Penthouse above Shakers Cigar Bar.

You further agree to indemnify all parties mentioned above while your party and You are at this location participating in a Séance, Paranormal Investigation or Ghost Tour.

Lastly, You agree to be fully responsible for any damage or theft to the property at 422-424 South Second Street in Milwaukee, WI., and will immediately forfeit the amount of $ 250.00 as a penalty for damage or theft, as well as to pay for replacement of any property or accoutrements which may have become damaged during my nights attempted occupancy of said space.

Haunted Penthouse Stayover

or call

(414) 272-4222